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Intro: Message from Helen – “Are You Ready for the School Holidays?”

Quick Tip: Tip# 24:  Are You Getting the Stitch When Working Out?
                   Tip #28:  Are You Running City to Bay?

Feature Article: Money and the Game It Plays on You” $$$$$ — Part 4 of 4
Now What Can You Really Do with Freedom?

Talk About: Pregnancy Massage – Awareness of Fatigue Before and During

Helen Recommends: Looking After Your Body with Massage

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Welcome: New Readers to the Chelsea Massage Community

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Message From Helen


Are you ready to relax during the school holidays?

School holidays are nearly here. You’re feeling tired from rushing the children around to sports, school and other activities. It’s good to stop when the holidays are on and spend time at home or going on a family holiday.

Are you ready?

Have you had your massage this month?

Get in quick and have your massage because time does go quickly and you don’t want to feel fatigue, worn out, pain or sickness!

A good time to do it is right now to get those muscles ironed out so you are free from pain.  This will help you to keep up with the kids and stay patient with them.  For working mums it is like juggling balls; a few days off or even going away with the family — you just keep working on what you need to do each day and just keep on going…

I found that getting a massage just settles me down and puts me back in balance.

During the holidays is when many of the teachers come in and have their massages.  Spring is here and after a full term of teaching, the neck gets tight from talking, the shoulders from leaning over their desk marking papers, and on the computer even your fingers are working hard!

Book your massage at the beginning of the school holidays to feel relaxed for the rest of your holiday, free of tension and refreshed, ready for the next term.

Quick Tips


Tip #24:  Getting the Stitch When Working Out

Round shoulders are more likely to get crippling side stitches and problems with poor posture and headaches during working out as the muscle tension builds.  This pressing on the nerves is what’s to blame.  A balance of massage while strengthening your muscles for core stabilization is a must to prevent injuries.

Stretching the muscles does help but is not the full answer to preventing torn muscles and pain.  As the muscles become tight they get mini tears which gives you the pain and restriction.  So while walking, gym dance, and all other activities, massage keeps the muscles relaxed and working with ease.


Tip #28:  Are You Running the City to Bay?

Coming soon is the City to Bay Run.  Some are signed up to do the 6 km run while others are doing the 12 km run.  Many more children will be riding their bikes and Mums and Dads will be out with the pram.  The City to Bay starts in the morning.

Don’t forget to keep aches and pains at bay with remedial massage to put power into your muscles.  Tight, aching muscles mean you’re becoming overloaded and to continue running will cause more problems and will prevent you from starting the run.

To prevent a deterioration of muscles further after the running is complete, many sports people with injuries have a massage the day after the event.

Let us know of all the ways we can help you by completing this important, short survey that can be found at

Feature Article

“Money and the Games It Plays on You” $$$$$$$

I am on a Mission!  I have done lots of courses around creating income to be debt free, have money in the bank, and no more worrying about that big bill coming in.  Is Money working for me or am I working for it — Money?

We all have it, but what you do with the problem is what I would like to take to the next level.

This is a 4 part series on “Money and the Games It Plays on You”.

Part 4 of a 4 Part Series

In the August Newsletter we talked about a game that you and Money play.  August was about asking you if you have paid off all the credit cards, car loans and are putting all that extra money into paying off a home loan. How are your little workers doing?  Are you making them work harder than you?  What type of advertising is working on you?

September is here; are you getting your little workers started on the road to give you your freedom?

Last week I heard how Dave paid off his last loan and realized he could retire.  So he went to work that day and told his boss, “Friday I am retiring; I don’t need to come to work anymore!”

The boss did not see that coming!  Now Dave and his wife are off to travel around Australia.

For me it means I can enjoy taking a weekend off and watch my 28 year old son who was playing country football in the reserve for Balaklava.  He has been playing football since he was old enough to play mini colts.  A few times he made the first or second finals over the years, and 2 years ago his team was in the grand final but couldn’t pull it off.

This month, 10/9/11, Michael’s team won by 19 points!  This is the first grand finale he has ever won and he was so happy and he proudly carried his 15-month old son to receive the medal that was placed around his son’s neck.  Do you remember how wonderful that feeling is when you won?  There was a party afterwards, and I have posted some picture up on my website at I hope you’ll check them out!

Why do I tell you this story?  This is about winning at what you want.  It may not be today or tomorrow but it will happen.

What else can you do when you’re not concerned with paying off a bill?  A lady had been working all her life and decided she did not want to be an educator full time but did not want to go back to working night duty either.  So she took a 7 week leave and very quickly found it was much more fun catching up with friends, having more time for her regular massage, and relaxing the whole afternoon instead of rushing to the next appointment.

How many little workers could you gather to be more powerful than you have been, to get that amount of freedom in your life?  And how would that help your relationships?  Would you need to work full-time or could you go part-time, being debt free?  Maybe even have the life you said would really be fabulous!  Or maybe an overseas holiday… You know you can have it!

You have not gotten there yet!  It is a work in progress and as our little workers are working for us, so can you have more of what you want.

I hope you have enjoyed “Money and the Games It Play on You”, the 4-part series.

Next month wait and see what is next! If you have something you would like us to cover, please send an email to me by clicking here.

It would be great to hear any comments or questions!  Are you doing the exercises?  What have you experienced as we’ve gotten up to the last part of this 4 part series?  Any questions or discoveries in your own life that you did not know about yourself before?
You don’t have to give your name when you complete the survey.  I can only help you by you sharing what is happening for you.

Go to the website and then click on the Facebook icon if you would like to share what you experienced or what problem you have that needs solving.  Or you can email us at [email protected]. Be on the lookout in the next newsletter for more information about our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channel which are now up and running. I look forward to your comments! This Newsletter is to share with anyone you think might benefit from reading it, where we can help, and please keep the emails coming in! On the Facebook page there is a “Like” button that you can click on and you’ll find something else, just for you, there too!

About The Author: Helen Brougham

Helen Brougham has been professionally massaging clients for over 18 years. She has a holistic approach to therapeutic massage, using her coaching expertise to teach people how to successfully make changes in their health and personal lives.

Myofascial Cupping was recently added to her practice.  Instead of using a flame to make the suction, myofascial cupping is a suction-type action which is much more gentle but still very powerful in releasing tension.  Her passion is massaging and teaching Mums how to be calm and positive with themselves and with their children using the same massage techniques she uses in her Chelsea Massage clinic.

Practitioner: Lara Brougham
Lara has been professionally massaging for 10 years. She specialises in ankle, back and shoulder injuries as well as healing clients with lower back pain. Even the oldest of our clients, who is 96 years old, down to the youngest such as 5 year old children, have aches and pain problems. Lara makes a huge amount of difference so they can sleep at night and start enjoying life again.

You will not find this information in a book, it comes from my experiences. Lara and I would like to find out how we can help you by asking you to take this short survey by clicking here:

Thank you to the many of you who have filled out the survey. Please, any others who would like to complete the short survey, we would appreciate your thoughts. This is the way we get to more of what you really want and need.

Pregnancy Massage


Remember that we also specialise in Pregnancy Massage.

I know remedial massage releases the aches and discomcomfort in your upper body but also smooths your aching feet, all while relaxing and energising you, leaving you feeling lighter and more comfortable.  It’s all about having a relaxed, easy-going, fabulous experience being pregnant, and having a natural, relaxed and easy birth — until you have experienced this level of fatigue and tireness it is hard to believe.  And this gives you a sleeping, 8 hours a night, happy and healthy baby and Mum!

This is not meant to alarm you but I have seen and heard many mums that are not coping well.  All the dreadful stories from TV are talking about how parents are not coping; the professionals know and can see all these reasons why, using big words for all the problems they have.  In the UK health system, these mums are getting massage once a week after birth.  What about Australia’s mums?

If you are fatigued before and while pregnant, you’ll be fatigued when you’re going home from the hospital.  You’re leaving yourself wide open to baby not sleeping, not feeding, sickness, being traumatised, a screaming baby and a worn out mum.  You’ll not be coping well — and this is all preventable.  Getting that low is a real struggle to pull yourself out of this hole, and others are told to take tablets but it’s just a Band Aid.

From my experience as a mum of 4 children, watching many, many mums over the last nearly 20 years as a professional massage practitioner, and massaging pregnant mums all the way to mums with small children, adult children, my own 3 grandchildren at their start in life, and many of my friends and family members — regular massage turned around these Mums’ recovery very quickly.

Go to our Contact Page now to book a Pregnancy Massage or give a gift voucher to someone that needs it.

Are You Running the City to Bay Run?

Hey, I know you have been training hard and if it is important to keep your body from blowing out on you, then we need to address it asap… otherwise you could be in for real trouble!

Those sore shoulders, tight back, neck, stiff legs and cramping feet can become an all-out nightmare of injuries.  After care is important too!

If you can’t run, you will end up standing on the sidelines, left out of the team while they run.  Here’s the deal; if you’re feeling tight or sore, give us a call and come in.  We will give you a tune up and have you feeling like a 21 year old again!

Helen Recommends

Looking After Your Body with Massage

Your mission is to contact us to schedule your remedial massage appointment at Chelsea Massage. Get rid of all the tightness and muscle pains in your neck, hip, shoulder, back, ankles, and many other places. Those niggles at the gym won’t get better by doing more stretching and weight lifting. You may not have you noticed that you need some massages to loosen up the fibres in your muscles so the muscles will stretch instead of tear. Injuries stop you from doing everything you want. It’s time for you to get your remedial massages and then you can keep doing what you love!

Take advantage of our great offer and keep your body and mind happy. One massage a month for 12 months — your health investment of $1320 to be happy, relaxed and pain-free from now on using the Holistic Muscle Health Massage.

When you are relaxed, happy and comfortable you make better choices each day, you become more productive and get what you want done quickly and more easily because you have energy, not PAIN.

Being open, loving and feeling good makes others around you feel happy too.

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Coming Soon: My Book is at the Publisher!

The cover design for the book has been locked in, we’re starting on the website this week, and will get a draft of the book by the next newsletter!

The Gift of Love, Peace and Joy,

“Empowering You and Your Family”
The Down to Earth Approach
to Love, Peace and Joy


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