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Thought Of The Week: For Yourself First

Feature:  Down on the Beach

Feature Article:  Out of the Box

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Thought Of The Week:       For Yourself First
# Monday   Create yourself
# Tuesday   Love Yourself
# Wednesday  Be with Yourself
# Thursday  Give To yourself
# Friday   Receive to Yourself
# Saturday   A Day with Family
# Sunday  Take a Day Out for Yourself
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Feature:  Done on the Beach
                            There is very old fishermen story called “Leaving the CRAB Hole”
Crab on the beach life in sand

Crab on the beach life in sand

There in the sand was a hole where crabs live, this one CRAB, she was feeling like this place was not for her so she decided to explore what else was available, as she looked around and took actions, seeking advice from others in the hole and some who had come back.

All they keep saying was, it would not be right, you must stay here, adding, no, you can’t do that, and the next question was “why not” from her. Don’t question me do as your told!!   Similar story to the Tall Poppy ISSUE

Well she was scared to leave even though she knew she could not stay in the hole. So when it time to leave follow your heart have an awareness of what is around you,  a friend will help you get started, set this up so you have support for at least 6 months while you learn how it goes out there. You may disappointed what others have said just believe they want to keep you safe and love you and not miss you. You will be back with a new knowledge and understanding. Keep believing an know that your passion and determination will help you all the way.

From human direction many are standing up and not going to be treated badly by anybody again. yes you will be tested. others will make it your fault but remember they have had more practice than you at speaking up.

How do you know it is not you?
Watch how they are around other people, can you see her with her family or does she do it to many people.

Why are they like that?
Lack of discipline from parent and a trauma which causes behavior changes.

In the work place

In the work place they have the behavior and have been asked to have behavior management training but refused to take the training and companies are move these people out as these behaviors are not tolerated in the workplace.

Now for the crab and you it is time of discovery of you, a discovery of what you like and don’t like. Feel how much more relaxed and how you sleep better and how everything is brighter.

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Special Article:  Out of the BoxOut of the Box
In the WORLD we are surrounded by comparing ourselves with everyone else around us and yet we are very UNIQUE in every way. Why would we want to be LIKE anyone else.

Advertising WANT us to want, what they are selling
Get the Credit Card lets go shopping to feel better, leaves us disappointed, guilt and what to do
with the stuff that have been brought, HIDING the PURCHASES or give it away.

Being OUT of BOX.
Is where we are going from here!!!
Listen for when we are being ourselves, we get to create what has us happy, what feel exciting and what we give to others freely and have to ATTITUDE to deal with anything!

I had a amazing dream and the realization as a young mum that I was going to  be courageous, empowering and inspiring mum’s to become power houses in their life and in their families.

What I was so humbled by was their knowing the woman in them felt so right and their clarity so quickly when mentoring these empowering women is that they wanted something they were not sure what it was, BUT as soon as they heard it they stepped OUT OF the BOX.

Create the Woman You want to Be


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