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Intro: Message from Helen – “Is Your Tummy Sticking Out?”

Quick Tip: Tip# 1: The Last of the Winter Colds and What to Do
                   Tip #3: Overloading the Muscles

Feature Article: Money and the Game It Plays on You” $$$$$ — Part 2 of 4

Talk About: Pregnancy Massage – Fatigue and Feeling Overwhelmed

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Message From Helen

Massage can help get rid of that tummy!


Have you noticed that your Tummy and Bottom are sticking out?

Have you decided you are going to get rid of that belly but the more you try, the more everything else goes BUT THAT?  Yes…

Well, I’ve got some good news and some bad news.  Everybody tells you what to do with it, but nothing is working.  Now it’s time to leave it to the experts.  Can I give you the answer to your problem?  No amount of exercise — crunches, tummy curls or any other kind — will work.  In fact, you’re actually having more pain, suffering and feeling worse aches.  Yes… they will tell you.

Are you ready to listen to something else?  Please don’t try to tell us that he / she said it was ‘this’ or ‘that’ or something else.  They failed.  You are worse.  Now let’s move on!

Are you ready to LISTEN to learn how to get that stomach flat and keep it flat?  Your Muscles are so tight and overloaded that your body is on serious exhaustion, pain and breakdown of muscles and IT needs massage regularly.

Quick Tips


woman getting massageTip #1:  The Last of the Winter Colds

Colds, flu and viruses have come thick and fast this year.  Many have gotten over one lot of flu only to get it back, many with an awful barking cough.  When the flu has passed, this is the perfect time to get your massage and release all the muscles from all the coughing.  Your throat muscles have been stretched; your ribs are constantly exploding and the muscles and spasms cause the muscles to hurt.  You don’t want to leave it left untreated as this will cause muscle tightness in other areas of the body and become painful.  Massage is good to release the last of the flu and symptoms from the muscle fibres so your immune system can recover quickly.  Many have had the same flu, or even a different strain, for the last 3-4 months.  So schedule your massage quickly as it does make a big difference.



Tip #3:  Overloaded Muscleswoman doing yoga

The return of relaxed and pain FREE muscles is so nice.  You become happy and thankful to be able to bend over and stand up more easily.  You may feel like you are the same as you were, but you are not the same anymore.  Many try to return to full on exercise; pushing, adding another class.  The body will shut down and you will return to a full painful experience.

There is a balance of Massage, exercise and stretching to be done that supports the body to return to Muscle Body Health.  Balance classes, yoga, pilates — in conjunction with remedial Massage treatments 1-4 times a month — to strengthen the core after the overload of the muscles has been released.  This is a unique and special work that has been designed to improve muscle health quickly.  Much depends on the person’s years of continual locked up and painful state, the level of trauma, and the overloading of the body, along with your commitment to do what is required.  Many have received these treatments and have been very successful in The Holistic Muscle Body Health and lifestyle recovery program.

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Feature Article #1 – Part 2

“Money and the Games It Plays on You” $$$$$$$

I am on a Mission!  I have done lots of courses around creating income to be debt free, have money in the bank, and no more worrying about that big bill coming in.  Is Money working for me or am I working for it — Money?

We all have it, but what you do with the problem is what I would like to take to the next level.

This is a 4 part series on “Money and the Games It Plays on You”.

Part 2 of a 4 Part Series

In the June Newsletter we talked about a game that you and Money play.  Did you find money in all sorts of places?  Which place surprised you the most and why was it a surprise for you?  I found my surprise was that my husband always empties his pockets out on the kitchen table where he puts his phone and glasses at bedtime.  For me, I realised that I did not have coins in the corner of my purse.  I needed to tidy out more of my bag.  What did you do with your coins?  Do you use them for lunch money, put the coins in a tin or in the bank?

First this week is about your income.

Do you know exactly how much income you have from week to week if you are self-employed, or do you just hope that it will be ok?  Do you have accounts that you have done the work on but have not invoiced, or have not gotten paid for yet (if this business does not pay on time they could stop you from paying your bills on time)?

If you are employed, do you check your pay slips or does it get thrown somewhere never to be seen again?

Second is expenses.  Do you keep a computer record or book form of all your expenses each week and month?

Do you know what bills are coming each week?

This one might be a big one for you — do you check to see if you got the refund money back into your account, or check to see if you are still paying for something that you should have finished paying for months ago?  Is there $2.50 coming out of your bank account every month that you have no idea what it is for?

This is all about being conscious in all areas of money and where it goes.  You work hard for your money, five days a week, 8:30 am to 6:00 pm, and not know where and what your money is doing for you.  Are you the slave or is your money???  Or do you even want to know?  This is where the new game comes in.

Imagine if every $$$ dollar was to become a worker and you could make them work harder than you do.  Maybe even give you back double or triple.  Would you pay attention then?

You have to know how much is coming in and how much is going out.  Look at how much you want to spend money on what and then get the rest of the money to start working for you — and reverse who’s working for whom.

You are the gate keeper!

  1. Write a list of everything you spend now
  2. Choose what to pay for
  3. Figure out what you don’t need to keep paying anymore and cancel.

You have the right to be more powerful than your money and we are going to give you that secret next month.

Next month you’ll read Part 3 of a 4-part series.  We will be discovering how you use those dollars like little persons to work more for you and give you more freedom than you have known.

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About The Author: Helen Brougham

Helen Brougham has been professionally massaging clients for over 18 years. She has a holistic approach to therapeutic massage, using her coaching expertise to teach people how to successfully make changes in their health and personal lives. Her passion is massaging and teaching Mums how to be calm and positive with themselves and with their children using the same massage techniques she uses in her Chelsea Massage clinic.

Practitioner: Lara Brougham
Lara has been professionally massaging for 10 years. She specialises in ankle, back and shoulder injuries as well as healing clients with lower back pain. Even the oldest of our clients, who is 96 years old, down to the youngest such as 5 year old children, have aches and pain problems. Lara makes a huge amount of difference so they can sleep at night and start enjoying life again.

You will not find this information in a book, it comes from my experiences. Lara and I would like to find out how we can help you by asking you to take this short survey by clicking here:

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Pregnancy Massage

Remember that we also specialise in Pregnancy Massage.  Whenever your muscles ache from the extra weight of baby, fatigue and feeling overwhelmed, it can leave you not enjoying the experience of being pregnant nearly as much.  We will share a little secret with you — remedial massage not only releases the aches but also smooths your aching feet, all while relaxing and energising you, leaving you feeling lighter and more comfortable.  It’s all about having a relaxed easy-going, fabulous experience being pregnant, and having a natural, relaxed and easy birth — and a sleeping, 8 hours a night, happy and healthy baby and Mum!

Go to our Contact Page now to book a Pregnancy Massage.

Helen Recommends

Looking After Your Body with Massage

Your mission is to contact us to schedule your remedial massage appointment at Chelsea Massage. Get rid of all the tightness and muscle pains in your neck, hip, shoulder, back, ankles, and many other places. Those niggles at the gym won’t get better by doing more stretching and weight lifting. You may not have you noticed that you need some massages to loosen up the fibres in your muscles so the muscles will stretch instead of tear. Injuries stop you from doing everything you want. It’s time for you to get your remedial massages and then you can keep doing what you love!

Take advantage of our great offer and keep your body and mind happy. One massage a month for 12 months — your health investment of $1320 to be happy, relaxed and pain-free from now on using the Holistic Muscle Health Massage.

When you are relaxed, happy and comfortable you make better choices each day, you become more productive and get what you want done quickly and more easily because you have energy, not PAIN.

Being open, loving and feeling good makes others around you feel happy too.

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