Relationship Break Up!

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Australia blossoms

Special  Story:    Spring is nearly here

Tip Of the Week: Listen to what the other person is saying.

Client Success With Massage:  Shoulder pain

Features Article:   Relationship Break Ups hard to do and Harder to watch the sadness.

Positive Thinking:  Making a choice and having an awareness of some

bar in the pageSpring nearly hear, I love the fresh air a little cold late afternoon. All the fruits trees will be starting to blossom and the flowers are where there fruit grows from. I have an Continual Pear which has fine white petals and blow in the breeze like confetti onto the patio pavers. Quickly followed by all the leaves of green and becomes shade for the summer months. The vegetable gardens all the fresh cauliflower, cabbage, beetroot and many more vegetables. The rain at night and sun during the day grow very quickly.

Right now the nights of putting the heater on and wait to listen for the rain on the roof.

For the farmers this weather makes the wheat and barley all the crops grow fast, sunshine during the day and some rain at night. If your going out to the country have a look in the paddocks for the new lambs being born over the next 2-3 months.

Tips Of the week:

Listen Part of communication
For this week listen to the people around you when they talk, listen only without you adding your thoughts to what you think they mean or said, ask another question to get more clarity first and
you understand the person much more.

 Clients Success With Massage:

Back and Shoulder pain problems. Massage

Back and Shoulder pain problems. Massage

A client was having pain in the back of his shoulder at the top back part of the arm. He could not reach out and pick a a piece of paper without pain. It is a hard spot to reach to even see what is back there. The shoulder was aching and he could not sleep on that side. Tried a few places to get it sorted before coming to us. Muscles are the the workers in the body

Somethings to look for when choosing direction get help in

  • Is it a bone issue?   [Structure]
  • Do more exercise to push through the pain. [ more injury ]
  • Is it an exercise to much and you pulled a muscle and now in pain and weakness? [Massage ]
  • Is it a Electrical system issues?  [ Massage]
  • Is it a Muscle problem I move it hurt! [Massage]
  • I had a accident see Doctor first!

Feature Article:

Relationship building

Relationship building

Relationship Break Up is hard to do and harder to watch someone hurting.

As massage therapists we see and feel many that have relationship breakdown, how debilitating it is when it is a break up they always seems to be around Christmas, Valentines Day, a birthdays and anniversary.

For ever after knowing that was a sad day and your life changed.

The sloppy way – take a long look at what is going on!

Gutless -Is having an affair,  go out with the boys/ girls having better time with them than with the one you love at home. With all the technology to be more in communication than ever before.

Say there is no reason is only-  is for when someone dies suddenly car accident.

The New Normal

Be honest right from there beginning

These are the rules of relationship getting together and separation.

1. If your not happy -that’s your problem [You get help]. Any relationship it takes time to know a person,there is always

2. Don’t lead someone to believe one things and dream a future, you have no intentions at all “Dangling carrot”

3. Sit down like 2 adults and have a conversation what is there for you and allow the other person

to respond. Make it a discussion one sided and that is not fair. Allow time for the other person time to consider what you have been saying.

4. Have an aware that two people are involved.

Start to look at how get over relationship tensions this even does happen with friends, partners in a business, a couples in business can separate. The more conversation each to forgive, find clarity and embrace that each person is unique and to be gentle in separating. Humans thrive on love and communication with each other.

Positive Thoughts

red car

red car


As a Teenager I had this idea that if I wanted something to happen and I wanted I would think a negative thought different ways that it would happen. I would not be disappointed if it did not get what I wanted.

Now I like to put positive intention

Sound like a similar thing to yours, yes we all have our survival skills as we are growing. Some time new and a way to be more in positive frame of mind is to make a choice first about what you would like to do. then what happen the mind goes looking and has an awareness to look for what you choice is.

We brought a little red car a few years ago and we thought you don’t see many red cars anymore. Well once we start driving the car, there were lots of red cars, so this  was a new awareness that we see something new.


Having a Massage and releasing thoughts in the muscles through coaching together

Having a Massage and releasing thoughts in the muscles through coaching


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