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Focus on Family

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Fringes Light in Adelaide

Focus On Family One of the lights lit up on the walls at the Adelaide Fringe   Special  Story:    Lara at the Adelaide Fringe Light at night Tip Of the Week:  Stop at pedestrian lights, walk when the lights are RED Client Success With Massage:  Calf Pain Features Article: Focus on Family Grandparents with grandchildren […]Continue reading «Focus on Family»

High Light At Cricket

Special  Story:    Lara and Mel meet Glenn Mc Garth at the Cricket Tip Of the Week: Listen to what the other person is saying. Client Success With Massage:  Nerve Pain. What is it? Features Article:   Positive Thinking:  Making a choice and having an awareness of some Special  Story   Lara went to the first day of […]Continue reading «Take a Positive Stand to Move Forward»

Australia blossoms

Special  Story:    Spring is nearly here Tip Of the Week: Listen to what the other person is saying. Client Success With Massage:  Shoulder pain Features Article:   Relationship Break Ups hard to do and Harder to watch the sadness. Positive Thinking:  Making a choice and having an awareness of some Spring nearly hear, I love the fresh […]Continue reading «Relationship Break Up!»

Group of workers people.

Where Do You Work and What Effect Does it Have On Your Health and Wellness   From the Clinic of Chelsea massage: Feature:  What happens when you start to force  the body Tips of the week #93:  Having a massage is part of the journey of Life Special Day:    When you find the real freedom […]Continue reading «March Newsletter- Where Do You Work»

Happy couple having coffee smiling at camera

 Happy couple sharing time together From the desk of Chelsea massage Special Day:   Australia Day Tips of the week:    How keep your cool Feature:  Happy Couples being together Special:  Des and I Helen celebrated our 37th Wedding Anniversary What to do with muscle pain:  Muscle pain in the  Calves Special Day:   Australia Day and all […]Continue reading «January 2015 Newsletter – Australia Day 2015»


Time Out with a Massage In Sydney before coming Home This last week I have been in Sydney on holidays and at a Women’s Academy Program. I had a massage at home in Adelaide each week but also when I go on a holiday’s,  on a course or program, I love going and having a […]Continue reading «September Newsletter -Time Out»

Online Coaching with Helen

  Online Skype Calls   Message from Helen: Welcome To New Readers: Exciting month for new readers What’s New:Start to live a better life Massage: Benefit Of Massage Coaching: A New GLOBAL Way New parents  and coming home from hospital School of hard knock often stop you when you are up to creating a better […]Continue reading «August Newsletter – Life Is Now»

Injured leg at Chelsea Massage

January Newsletter Families Helping Families Chelsea Massage mobile app We are the Muscle Experts Be with Your Children   It is great to be with your children. Some would say at the moment, children saying what ever they like and getting away with what they are saying often nasty and very disrespectful  then turning around […]Continue reading «January Newsletter – Families Helping Families»


  Fun Run – City to Bay is on In Adelaide   Injuries are very common while strengthening the muscles to run but when the body is overloaded the muscles begin to tell us they are starting to feel pain and fatigue. Many say just "push through the pain" but there are times you need […]Continue reading «August Newsletter – Spring is Here»

Happy New Year

  Intro: Message From Helen – Happy New Year 2013   Quick Tips Helen  – Tip #51: It's A Great Time To Clean Out and Release Unwanted Items From The Cupboards Lara – Tip #49: What Worked, What Didn't Work, What's Next? Feature Article: Empowering The Family Man (new book coming soon)   Chapter 12 – […]Continue reading «January 2013 Newsletter – Happy New Year»

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