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High Light At Cricket

Special  Story:    Lara and Mel meet Glenn Mc Garth at the Cricket

Tip Of the Week: Listen to what the other person is saying.

Client Success With Massage:  Nerve Pain. What is it?

Features Article:   Positive Thinking:  Making a choice and having an awareness of some

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Special  Story


Australia and New Zealand Cricket in Adelaide

Lara went to the first day of Cricket here in Adelaide, Australia against New Zealand. With her friend Mel had a lovely day sitting in the shade. It is rare to take a day out in the week but worth taking time to experience new ways to enjoy life.


Tip Of the Week

pangWe have had some comments what  kind of massage we do?
We help the Physio clients with loosing the muscles up from soreness they give them stretchers. Our job is to  break down the mattered muscles that are hard, in pain, cramping and weakness.

This also Is part of nerve pain from the mattered muscles

The chiro want their clients to have Massage 2-3 days before their treatment otherwise the muscles pull the bones out of alignment.
When the muscles are adjusted all the time without having massage it becomes harder, less effective and treatment does not last as long, even getting out of the car can make it much worst.
Sport and all exercise issues are an area we work in all the time.

Ask us we have a vast knowledge to each client with issues going on.

Nothing is to small.

Client Success With Massage

We have been Massage work on Lara more last weeks 1 to 3 times a week.Stairs up Mount Lofty

Lara went for her walk up Mount Lofty, and of course you don’t know where half way is, until you get to the top.

There are some lovely areas on the walk and took some beautiful pictures.

Every body was so positive and encouraging keep going.

Please it was an experience to release a lots of muscles that got very upset, cramping and in pain.

Now she feeling she can stretch the muscles and is on to the next walking down on the beach.





Features Article:   Positive Thinking

Mount Lofty Hotel HouseOver the last 2 years I been part of a  Women Academy and traveled to 7 destination. If you really get out of your comfort zone start traveling and meet the beautiful people. What happens when I went to different places and got out of my everyday life, it breaks doing the same things every day.

Staying in beautiful Hotels, experience special good food made with experts at know their food and cook with high quality.

On the farm everyday is different, so there was always excitement around the corner what is happening next day.

Listen to positive music, that what I am doing while writing this newsletter.

Massage is a way to take out stress, pain and fatigue out of the muscles. People that have I think it is StressMassage our way look much younger, clear about who they are, don’t stay in negative or bullying jobs and suffer, they get better jobs and get paid higher and are more permanent because they are worth it.

We are different, there is nothing like what we do anywhere. We are not the medical model, we are a Holistic Approach meaning we look at How we can help all of you NOT one arm or neck, we consider all of you and what you need.

Accredited and with the health fund rebate, we are a stand as the Integrity medical model for clearing the MIND set upset into have your freedom, health, relaxation and healing for all those that are seeking alternative and powerful treatments and is way outside of basic.

Many practitioner don’t have much more than an book knowledge and many are uni students that need a part time job, that’s OK if you want this level.
There is no discounts or cheap deals, we are a high quality service.

Our service excels way beyond what you have seen or had before. Open Minded, we expect you to be listening for the gold, we give for free. We are a family business and your treatment will be country hospitality, friendly, positive and health alignment. We will be straight and kind with compassion with you, as we want the same in return. Leave your judgement and negative ways in the car, before coming in as our clinic is maintained to a high level. Love and gratitude.
Our healing requires real authentic people that really want our assistance.





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