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Thought Of The Week:  It’s almost magical

Feature: Communication “Teenagers Problems” Be ready Mum to be Listening and to help them

 Article: Jaw Pain

Thought Of The Week:

It’s almost magical & if you focus on it, it will work no matter
what the problem is & that is learning to love yourself!!
~~Louise Hay

Empowering Women & Mum – Teenager Issues

Teenager problems - Mother comforts her troubled teenage daughter

Teenager problems – Mother comforts her troubled teenage daughter

If you have teenagers or young adults children, yes according to this age group they are not to ask their parents for guidance or understand. These Amazing kids of ours that we love so much and want them to win would rather, Mum Google, she has all the answers. RIGHT!

The bigger problem is our children, no matter what age, the information they don’t want to know about is real experiences from us, (they not all like this) but just know in advance, The person on Google giving advise could be someone that has no idea at all, how to answer any question. The young adult they do ask their friends and they don’t know the answer or have any real mature advise or experience.

What I can let you mum, start early in your child’s life and start when you have the awareness.

Come from an empowering place give the empowerment that your children will need to INSPIRING themselves, to keep going not matter what is going on, NEVER give up, NEVER stop and KEEP going no matter what, this empowers others and take a down to earth, approach in being successful in communication with themselves and others, at work, in relationship with partner, friends and family.

Life for many children is one FOCUS achieving in a sporting scene, many don’t make it to those higher $ levels in games and they are not been prepared for whats next for them as their LIFE CHANGERS and the focus point moves.

Children can not be happy all the time, as there is a balance in all of life and when it is not

  • Look at the awareness of not letting children get away with negative behaviors, thinking it fun or lovely.
  • They know how to receiving (take from you) and not say thank you, their right to get it
  • Poor at giving of themselves, helping others, lending a hand, or think intuitively ahead of time to do something.
  • Children learning from what does not work, how to get up and keep going, no matter what.

At Empowering Conscious Living we teach women and Mum’s how to look quickly and see what is going on for you!

  •  Everything you need to know about where YOU are NOW
  • What not to do and say that bring negative behavior and have conscious language
  •  Communication- What to look for and use YOUR Intuition
  •  Show and lead by example

This is a good place to start.

Jaw Pain

Jaw Pain

Jaw pain comes from many problems, today we are talking about jaw pain that gives you

  • Neck pain and stiffness
  • Pain into your teeth
  • Pain down your arm
  • Your jaw clicks and clunks
  • Eye pain
  • Cannot open mouth straight with ease
  • Does effect you eating food

All these different issue are a part of the jaw

   How does this happen?

Remember when you have heard people say children bounce “They don’t” they impact injury

Your experience any these types of injuries

  1. FALLING of a chair
  2. Any kind of fall of your bike, wall and fell out of bed
  3. Hit your chin, your teeth as a small child, will in fact leave trauma and over time the muscles will get tighter and will become tighter
  4. Yes, Doctor will give you a name of your problem, described above is a muscle problem and we can help you with this issue.
  5. Being at the dentist with your mouth open often upsets the muscle

These are what can bring on problems over time the muscles get tighter till you can not bite your food, chew you food because it is to hard and sometimes the jaw will lock up and the jaw can not move at all.

MASSAGE has great tools that release muscles tightness leads to success.



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