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Helen  – Tip #22:   Are You Looking For The Next Thing Already?

Lara – Tip #47: Be Aware Of The Behavior Of Your Children!

Feature Article:Empowering The Family Man (new book coming soon)
Chapter 3. Down To Earth – Dad's Emotional Connection
Talk About: Pregnancy & Massage– 12 Tips For Coping Without Stress During Pregnancy  – Chapter 7 – Reading About Pregnancy
Helen Recommends: Helen's New Book, "Empowering Your Family" –
Chapter 4. Page 93. Retail Therapy
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Message From Helen

We are VERY excited … Here is the opening page of Chelsea Massage App – this is the view on an iPad! We would love to know what you think!!

Quick Tips

Helen – Tip #22  Are You Looking For The Next NEW Thing? How To Have You Feeling Better, Happier and More Relaxed



It makes a lot of sense to make a decision and stick with a single direction if you really want to get what you say you want.  Bright shiny objects are VERY distracting and if you keep chasing them, you will never really get what you said you really want. Too many people are totally sidetracked by all of these distractions and they end up looking for what they say they want in a negative place I call "The Next Big Thing".

Have you ever noticed how the people that play only one game excel and thrive in that environment? Look around you!! Do you have people in your life that are sticking to a positive direction and getting results? Or, are you just watching, listening and not getting very far with you own goals? Does it seem like nothing is coming together for you? If that sounds familiar, you are stuck in an old pattern that is preventing you from moving forward in your life and you may not even realize that it's happening – it's just that every day, every week and all of the years are the same.  Stress, pain, fatigue and fear often stop the flow of any positive direction that we may started going in. It's a good idea to have a good hard look to what might be stopping you in your life.



Lara – Tip #47: Be Aware Of The Behaviour Of Your Children! They are copying your own behaviour and you would be surprised how grown up they really are!

Give yourself and children the gift of some coaching and massage time together so that you can shift what you don’t like about what your children are doing. It is simple and easy to get the results you want – guaranteed!
As parents we try to be positive about what happens to us. Sometimes we do go overboard and create chaos trying to keep our children from experiencing the same pain and suffering we did. We really don’t want to see our kids struggle. We want them to be happy. It works better if children can see that their parents are happy. It does work faster that way.

Parents need to look at their own lives first so that they can see where these feelings are coming from. Identifying the root cause of an issue is the only way to clear what is there for the adult. We start working to clear the root issues of what didn’t work when you are coaching with me.

As you clear your emotional blocks, you can chill out, sit back and watch how well your kids develop. By the time they are 18 years old they have got everything you have given them to help them be the best person they can be. TRUST the PROCESS!

It is like when your children were small; how did you teach your children about running across the road? You showed them. You talked calmly. You explained what they are supposed to do when they see a red light. Absolutely they have to stop AND they still need to look both ways to make sure the oncoming car has stopped.

We all make mistakes. When we talk to our kids about our mistakes and what we could have done differently, they don’t have to learn the same hard lessons we did unless they choose not listen to what we have to say. What happens too, is that when they do make that mistake and have to deal with it, they at least know how to handle it so that the mistake is more easily resolved.

Behavior transformation coaching gives your children the opportunity to grow up in a fully supportive, lovely way, knowing that life is a continuous process of learning and growing. An added benefit, is that they become a huge blessing to THEIR families and employers when they reach adulthood.

Feature Article – Empowering The Family Man Chapter 3

(new book coming out)
Down To Earth – Dad's Emotional Connection

Past generations of Dads had to stay outside and walk the floor during the birth of their children. Now, thank goodness, they are part of the birthing team supporting their wives during her labour. Back in time, Dads were the ones out there every day making enough money to support the home and family. Mum staying at home was normal. It was Mum’s job to cook the meals, clean the house, manage all of the household affairs and take care of the children.

Dads missed a lot family time because it was Mum’s “job” to take care of the children.  They weren’t as connected to the family as many are now. It is wonderful to see how some Mums and Dads now equally take care of, love, and pay attention to the family.

The Dads that choose to take this type of role on have the closest family relationships of all. They get to really enjoy the time they spend with their children – they get to hear their babies say their first words, watch them take their first steps, do all the cute, fun growing up things with their kids that their fathers probably didn’t get to do with them.

Because of these brave Dads, many of their sons think “I want that when I grow up”. Now more and more Dads are being included in everything to do with their children. Some Dads really don’t know what they are missing by not being involved. This usually happens because of a lack of confidence or support from their partner to work it out together. Many times, the pattern a Dad will follow is the pattern he saw modeled by his parents.

When you ask grandfathers if they would have liked to spend more time with their children, more times than not, they will tell you that they missed out on a lot and that if they could do it over again, they would do it differently.

Grandfathers always want to enjoy their grandchildren because now they have the time to do it. Be sure to let them spend time with you and give them an opportunity to get to know the rest of the family members from a place of love and connection.

Yes Dad, grandparents need you to encourage your children to be comfortable with them. If it has been a while, some of those parenting skills might have gotten a bit rusty. Your children will follow your lead. Show them how to be with their grandparents. You are giving them a gift they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

When you are out and about look and watch the young Dads – they are very proud, confident and lovely with their babies. Please be sure to acknowledge those dads with a smile.

By the time I was 29, my husband and I had 4 children that we were raising together. We do our best to share what we learned with our grown children who are now raising their own families. Trust me, we learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t work during those years. We are always encouraging our children to come to us with their questions. We give them our best “been there, done that” advise for the situations that come up with their children.

Working Dads can get creative with the time they have available to spend with their children – bath time, read a book with your child just before they go to bed,  special cuddle time, special daddy play-time. There are so many things that you can do to be the love connected dad you want your children to have in their lives.

Children are not Mum’s job or Dad’s job. It’s about everyone coming together and working to create the next generation of amazing people in your family. What will your family be the first to do?

If you are thinking or are concerned about your child’s future – if you say to yourself, “What does my baby want? How can I help my child?” …  look into their eyes and connect with their inner world. Often they know and understand exactly what you are saying. You will be surprised at the answers you can find! Always remember how it would feel for you be the baby  – what would you want? what would your baby-self be wanting to say to you? Talk to your child out aloud because your child does want to hear the sound of your voice speaking to them.

You may find that many answers will come to you out of you connecting with your baby. If you are upset or frustrated, your child will mirror those emotions right back to you. If you are a happy Dad, you will have a happy child

Helen%27s%20updated%20photo  August Newsletter 2012   City To Bay Fun Run and Fathers Day

Practitioner: Helen Brougham Helen Brougham has been professionally massaging clients for over 20 years. She has a unique holistic approach to remedial, pregnancy and therapeutic massage on its own, or by using her coaching expertise to help people uncover what is blocking their path to them successfully making changes to excel in their health, their family and their passion to have a full life of Love, Peace and Joy.


Lara  August Newsletter 2012   City To Bay Fun Run and Fathers Day
Lara Brougham Lara has been professionally massaging for over 10 years. She specialises in ankle, back and shoulder injuries as well as healing clients with lower back pain. Even the oldest of our clients, who are 90 years old, down to the youngest such as 5 year old children, have aches and pain problems. Lara makes a huge amount of difference so they can sleep at night and start enjoying life again


Pregnancy & Massage

Pregnancy – Relaxation & Remedial Massage Get Results
12 Tips for Coping With Stress During Pregnancy
Below are listed several techniques that both women and their husbands/partners have found useful in helping to relieve the sense that life is going into overwhelm.

Gaining confidence in your life: Sit back a little and admire what you have achieved already. Often things don’t quite go the way we were told they would and we don’t understand why …

In the first two parts of this series we discussed:

Part 1 First, take a look at all the activities you do in your life Monday to Sunday — morning, afternoon and night time.

Part 2 When becoming pregnant, you will be coping as you normally do. Be sure to rest and put your feet up help with any swelling in your feet and ankles.

Part 3. Be prepared to give up some control over the life-style you have worked so hard to attain. Many things about pregnancy are not in your control. 
Part 4. Take a little time and reassess where you are up to each week and allow your husband’s/partner’s input and care to help you with your decisions about where you are up to.

Chapter 7. Reading books, looking at magazines, and watching videos about pregnancy is important but use those tools wisely. You don’t have to read about everything that can go wrong. Go to the classes available at calmbirth.com.au, they are for both Mum and Dad. There are workshops just for Dads too.

Remember your body was created for having a baby and you have been through your own birth so you do have these experiences already.
  • Midwife is a group of dedicated people that are there for you during a natural birth at home with your family in your own environment.
  • The hospitals have classes and are great for Mums and Dads-to-be to go to so that both can make an informed decision about what you want.
  • Naturopathy is a natural approach and natural remedies for morning sickness and labour.
  • Calmbirth is an amazing group of people that have workshops for both Mum and Dads together to attend. They can provide a wonderfully positive influence and help inspire confidence.

Many Mums don’t realize that they have experienced their own birth so they already know about that experience. Dads-to-be have their own birth experience too! It’s best if there are no expectations of what the birth is going to be like, as each birth is as unique as the child being born.

Remember people will be happy to tell you about all the things that went wrong during their pregnancy or birth. They want to make sure that you are aware of the bad things that happened to them. Thanks, but no thanks. Ask them to tell you something that was wonderful about that time.

It does happen regularly to pregnant mums. Without even asking they will continuously be part of negative, fearful conversations. It’s about time for us to work together to turn this around and give pregnant Mums positive support and help.

Many Mums carry lots of stress and anxiety from their pregnancies. The best thing for them to do is seek coaching and have regular massage to release it because the baby and older children do pick up how mum and dad are feeling.

Most Mums are coming from a really good place in their heart when they talk about their pregnancy and childbirth experiences. It’s a natural thing for women to want to help. But, it is better to refrain from talking about all of the things that could go wrong. It doesn’t help anyone and causes all sorts of unnecessary stress. Take a minute to think about how you felt when someone shared that kind of information with you when you were pregnant.

Caring and supporting each other in more positive ways would be more beneficial. Your parents are here to support you as they were supported by their parents. Being pregnant and having a baby hasn’t changed all that much. I’m going to share a “grandmother secret” with you …  your parents are actually more in tune with what is going on because of all the experience they gained having and raising their own children.

The next time you are spending some quiet time with your mum at a quiet time ask her how your own birth went. Ask your Dad about his experiences when you were born. Parents will gladly share their experiences with their children. It’s really important to remember that you are not going to have all the problems that are on the internet or on TV.

If you have physical issues going on, this is not the time for self-diagnosis. The best thing to do is seek professional help from licensed practitioners that know how to help a stressed mum. Remember that babies can get stressed even in the womb. Mum and baby are healthier, pregnancies and birthing are easier when both Mum and baby are contented and relaxed. Mums who have just given birth need their rest. When baby is healthy and calm, mum gets to sleep more and that helps her stay healthy and calm too!

Empowering You and Your Family

Empowering You and Your Family

Click Here to Purchase "Empowering You and Your Family" From Amazon!!

"Empowering You and Your Family" can be purchased on Amazon, CreateSpace, iBookstore/iTunes for your iPad, Kindle, Android, and other tablets and soon a teleseminar series – “Empowering Your Family Blueprint”

Now you can get this very special book locally!! Empowering You & Your Family! is available in bookstores throughout Australia and New Zealand as of September 2012, so ask for the book in your favourite bookstore

Today's insight from inside the pages of "Empowering You & Your Family" is from
Chapter 4 – Page 92 “Retail Therapy”

We all love retail therapy (I don’t think we do as much as the media people would like us to think that we do) and there are times do it, times to not go near a shop and a time to put your credit card in a small bucket of water in the freezer.

The best time to go shopping is after you have eaten. If we don’t eat, we are hungry and we buy more food (usually everything that we shouldn’t be eating). Advertising and media encourages you to go shopping when you’re upset, sad or angry. The retailers love that message because you spend more and more. The banks love it because your credit card balance goes up and up. And, if you don’t pay off the balance every month, you  pay a ton of interest to the bank!

If you go shopping when you are sad, angry or upset, most of the time the things you bought will not fit, they are not your size , you really don’t need another, it’s something you never wanted, it is not your colour. And, once the rush of buying is over you don’t feel any better at all.

Once you’re over why you are upset, you start feeling something they call buyer’s remorse. That’s when the stress and upset of spending too much money on stuff you didn’t need or want sets in. It’s when people start totally stressing out about how they are going to pay for these things at the end of the month.

I can talk about this because I’ve done it myself and it was a challenge to fix all of the damage I did. If you’ve done your share of retail therapy I would love to know your story and what you did to fix the problem. Please stop by my Facebook page and let me know. I’m looking forward to hearing your story and suggestions … they may help someone who is going through exactly what you went through!  

Tell A Friend


What Do You Do When You Find Out That A Friend Is Sick and May Even Be Dying?

It is really scary to find out that a friend is unwell. After we find out what’s going on, the next thing we want to know is what we can do to help!

A good way to figure that out is to ask yourself what you would like to have someone do for you if you were the one that’s unwell. Would you want to be left alone? Would you like for that person to contact you and offer their support? Would you like someone to bring a meal to you? You could even ask your friend what would work best and how you can support them!!

You could call and have a coffee with them if they are up to it. What if you found out that their husband was struggling with his memory, how could you be a fabulous friend?

Massage is amazing. It helps relieve pain, fatigue, overwhelm and helps people process the shock of what is happening in their lives. It is devastating for someone to find out they or their spouse of many years has suddenly been diagnosed with a horrible disease. Massage can help them process and release the shock that is stored in their muscles, helping them relax physically and mentally. It is a wonderful gift that you can offer to give them.

As you look back over time, you can see things that were there, things that now add up to… hmmm … THAT’s when something changed for my friend …do for them what you would want to have someone do for you. Be a great friend!

Please keep in mind, you will not catch anything from being a great friend. Be a great friend and say something to them. Let them know that you care and are there for them :)

Thank You!!!

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You know I love you coming in for a massage because I can listen to you face to face and give you the help and support you need. But, it is quite different being online. I always think to myself, “Does anybody read this? Did I upset anybody? Did they just delete the email or did the newsletter inspire someone? Did I leave people feeling empowered?”

I have to admit that I don’t say very much about myself. So I am guilty of withholding myself. This is an opportunity for me to step up and out into my life too. The only thing I ask of anyone joining the Inner Circle is that they be committed to living positive, calm, loving, successful lives by taking a down-to-earth approach to everything.

You may be asking what I mean. So allow me to explain … Keeping up with the Joneses doesn’t work. Getting sucked into what the media and advertising says you have to have to be awesome doesn’t work. Taking a down-to-earth approach to life is about you being yourself, doing what is best for you and your family so that everyone experiences love, peace and joy in their lives. It is also about being in communication, being open and connected. 

I will let you know when the Magazine will be started as there is more than I expected but I will keep you informed of the progress of our magazine.  There is a feature section on stress and a mobile app that can be helpful to help people access everything easily. It will be available on iTunes in the Newsstands section so I will keep you posted.

An audiobook is coming for those of you that love to listen to audiobooks!!

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