Remedial Massage Targets The Real Cause Of Back Pain

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Almost everyone will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain runs the gamut  from mildly annoying to severely incapacitating. It can be a short-lived single occurrence or a long-lasting chronic affliction. Regardless of what causes it, back pain can make many everyday activities difficult, if not impossible to do.

You might be shocked to find that sitting down and working with a computer for hours on end has created a virtual epidemic of back pain issues (NO pun intended)!  The combination of sitting at a desk for a long time every day, repetitively using a mouse and shifting your weight over to one side has a serious effect on the muscles.

Working in a demanding physical job causes the muscles to overload from hundreds of hours of constant hard lifting and bending over. When you add loading and unloading heavy weights to someone's job, potential disaster is waiting to happen.

In response to the massive growing demand for ways to relieve back pain, there are all sorts of medications, creams and machines available in the marketplace today.  And, the promise of pain relief from anything that rolls up and down the muscles, gets rubbed on the muscles, or swallowed is a HUGE concern because there is very little documentation actually verifying what is making a real difference to the muscles and helping them heal.

Of even greater concern is that the marketing and advertising done to promote the pain relief benefits of these products avoids talking about getting to the core issues about back pain. I honestly believe that down the track we will find real issues with these "miracle cures for back pain" and  by then it will be to late to repair the damage that has been done to the muscles themselves.

On TV the other night, we watched advertisement for an old gadget back stretcher, being refurbished and rolled out for the next generation. This particular back gadget works in conjunction with hands on massage because, as the muscles are released, the muscles can be stretched which helps them release the stored stress so they can work better and  more easily again.

There is absolutely nothing better for back pain associated with muscle stress than good old-fashioned healing hands on the skin, connecting with the muscles to coax them open and release that stress and trauma.  Massage is recognized throughout time as bringing a critical nurturing balance and connection to humans. Without this human touch connection, healing often takes much longer than it needs to, if it happens at all.

Regular Remedial Massage is the BEST way to release this muscular tension and help strengthen the weakened muscle. The additional health benefits of regular massage are stunning when you take a look at effective ways to maintain good health.
If you are experiencing back pain that you would like to find relief for, please let me know. Remedial Massage is one of my specialties and the results my massage clients get speak for themselves! You can get more information at the Chelsea Massage Clinic site!

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Helen Brougham is a Mum of 4, remedial & pregnancy massage therapist, empowering author and coach, owner of Chelsea Massage Clinic. She is passionate about empowering women to step through life's challenges with ease and grace. Helen's newest book, "Empowering You & Your Family" is a down to earth approach to Love, Peace and Joy for Mum's everywhere.

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