September Newsletter 2012 – Spring Has Sprung In Adelaide

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Intro: Message From Helen  –  Check Out Pinterest!

Quick Tips

Helen  – Tip #43:   Rethinking Your Exercise Program When You Really Are Too Busy At Work and Too Busy At Home

Lara – Tip #15: Learn How To Just Say ‘No”  To Filling Up Every Minute Of Your Day With Doing Things For Everybody Else.

Feature Article:Empowering The Family Man (new book coming soon)
Chapter 6. Who Is Dad At Home With His Children?
Talk About: Pregnancy & Massage– 12 Tips For Coping Without Stress During Pregnancy  – Part 4.  Take a little time and reassess where you are each week. Be sure to allow your husband/partner to give you input about the decisions you have made so far and care for you.

Helen Recommends: Helen's New Book, "Empowering Your Family" –
Chapter 9. Page 130. “Mums All Over The World”
Welcome: New Readers to the Chelsea Massage Community

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Message from Helen

Spring is here and all the blossoms are out! The iris flowers and the lilies are just beautiful. And I can’t think of a better way to show them to you other than showing you my Pinterest Pinboard. If you go to you can see a picture of my irises and lots of other things too!
If you feel like you are standing at a cross road in your life waiting, it’s time to shift the block that is stopping you so that you can get on with your life right NOW. It’s only too true when you think about it … yesterday is done and tomorrow is not guaranteed … so what do we really have … NOW!!

The Benefits of Regular Remedial Massage are HUGE! When combined with regular performance coaching the results you will get are life-changing! Imagine being at the top of your game day in and day out … how would that change your life?

If you are not using Pinterest already, I would like to invite you to join! Just message me on Facebook and I will send you an invitation to join J

Pinterest is a website designed to work like an online pinboard. You can gather pictures from other  peoples’ boards of the different pictures you love and others can gather  pictures that they like from you and they will like your pictures and share them around. There are some BEAUTIFUL pictures to enjoy and share. You can find new recipes to try out, different way to decorate your home, gorgeous outfits to wear, just about anything you can think of you can find there! Best of all … it’s free.

Quick Tips

Helen – Tip #43   Rethinking Your Exercise Program When You Really Are Too Busy At Work and Too Busy At Home
When you start working early in the morning, working long hours at night, working longer, harder and faster to get the work of 2 or 3 people done, consider backing off on your exercise regimen. Exercise is supposed to give you strength to live your life powerfully … not drain the strength you have out of it.  If life gets hectic, sometimes the best choice to make is to take the exercise out until work and home return to an easier, more friendly pace.

You can find that “zone” you get during exercise while walking around the block to clear your thoughts.

Some people become frustrated, or they feel guilty, disappointed and annoyed  by not being able to do a full workout. But for most, it is being in the “zone” that they really miss.

If you sustain Injuries from pushing too hard and doing too much, home and work will both suffer in a big way. Living a productive, fulfilling life is a really hard thing to do if you start suffering from problems like chronic fatigue, illness and depression. Balance is the key to body and mind health.

Do yourself and your loved one a big favour, check where you may be burning the candle at both ends. I just had 3 people come into the clinic over the last week with the same injuries and they all needed correction on the muscles.

Lara – Tip #15: Learn How To Just Say ‘No”  To Filling Up Every Minute Of Your Day With Doing Things For Everybody Else.
Saying yes to everything that everyone asks of you can cause a SERIOUS amount of stress. You may be feeling stressed out all of the time, but you may not have noticed exactly where it is coming from. And this pressure is building and building every day. Often there are multiple requests contributing to it that you are unaware of because you have totally over-committed yourself. It’s time to take a look at that and fix it!

As you find the things that are stressing you out, there is no need to make a big deal out of it. Acknowledge it, smile and decide how you are going to change the situation going forward. Doing this will be new to you and you may want to resist doing this.  But the space you give yourself in your life will feel great and you will be creating quiet in your life. Being in the quiet is nice and restorative. You can do nothing while being home and peaceful. Try peace and quiet it is such a lovely space to be in.

Feature Article – Empowering The Family Man Chapter 6

(new book coming out)
Empowering The Family Man Helen Brougham
Who Is Dad At Home With His Children?
Remember the song “when you coming home Dad, we’ll get together then” ?
They never did get together…

You know how you wanted to be, talk to, play with and go with Dad as a child. This is how to be with your own children.

I remember myself saying in my thoughts, “When I have children I’m not going to do that… to my children” I am going to do this or that.

Because it was a painful memory we will very quietly do it and for me I had to find where I was doing what I did not like as a child.

Yes I found it!!! This is not the time to be upset or annoyed with myself,  just smile and go I found it. Now I can change that behaviour and behave in a happy enjoyable way.

Your child’s behaviour comes from …??? Who do you think??? YOU … the parents. Yes, Mum and Dad, yes!!! They learned their behaviour from their parents.  Yes… that is why you see your worst behaviours done by your children. They learned  them from you. When you get upset, your child is learning how to do what you do. The good news is you can let go of that behaviour, without even speaking to the child. It will be gone once you let go of the issue that is causing it. That is such a relief.

Language around children is a big thing. How you talk and the sound of your voice, even the way you say your words is the way your parents speak. First we learn by listening to Mum and Dad, grandparents and sibling and the people we love. When Dad first holds and talks quietly to his child right at delivery, the bond happens right at that very moment.  Dad, your child adores loves and knows you from that moment. You are connected no matter what. You’re the one. xoxox

Dad you can put your child to sleep as easily as Mum once the baby has breast fed. You have the magic, but it must start from the very beginning – right from Mum’s and Dad’s and baby’s heart when everything is new to all of you. The more you do Dad, the quicker you will flow and be so connected. You’ve seen Dads being at one with their child. That is so beautiful and amazing to watch – a dad and his child being so connected and aligned together. This happens when your child’s relationship with you and your relationship with them grow together as one. In past generations, Mum did all the looking after the baby while Dad watched from the side lines. It took a while for everyone to figure out this does not work. It causes separation and the can lead to a myriad of problems!

My Son and his little boy live on a farm. He has started taking his 2 ½ years old with him when he drives the tractor around the paddock. His son loves being on the tractor. The baby also knows what the truck sounds like. The sheep sales are coming up soon and my son is going to take his little boy to a ram sale so that he can smell the wool and touch the sheep. My son will show him where the sheep’s eyes and feet are. The baby will also be able to hear the other people around them – all simple little things to do, but very important to his son’s learning.

This is how our children learn to be intuitive. When we open their minds to the real world around them, they get really curious and want to learn more. We just have to make sure it is FUN.

Cooking a barbecue could be a great learning experience for both you and your child, especially if you never have a barbecue and you don’t know how to cook with gas! Just imagine what your children could learn as they watch YOU learning how to do it!!
My grandfather was a farmer. He was very keen on the law and would share information about different stories in the newspaper. Because of what I learned from him, when a legal situation comes up I know what it means.  I know what to write and say because my grandpa talked to me and I would listen to him and it all went into my head. It was a lot of fun too because I loved being with grandpa and he loved being with me. It might have been just 5 minutes with me and I got all of that information.

Now when someone older starts talking and sharing information with me, I automatically stop and spend time with them just as my grandfather did with me.

In one way our children will be our finest work and achievement as they grow into an adult. The person they choose to marry and what they create with their life is an extension of YOU. Before you know it, your adult children are having children and you get to watch the whole cycle again. This process is how each generation becomes the best they can be for future generations. It has been lovely to watch how the last 1 to 2 generations have shifted the behaviours of fear, anger, and being less than others. We can see humanity evolving for the better right in front of us!

Parents who are separating truly can help their children have an amazing future if they are committed to their child’s future and future generations. Too many people are unaware of the damage and setbacks they cause themselves and their children with their bad emotional behaviour. They simply don’t know what they don’t know.

Spend Time Playing with your children and you will reap the rewards. As you spend time with your parents and siblings, your wife’s parents and siblings you will bring community to your family for generations to come.

Your parents gave you life and now it’s time to return it to them during the last years of their lives. What you show your children is what they will do to and for you down the track. Nobody is perfect this is what makes life interesting and we all have our little ways don’t we!!!

Advertising and marketing would have us all separate and alone. And when this happens, who do you have to support you during difficult times when you need to work through shock, trauma from accidents, the stress and anxiety of just living life?  

Talk with your children. They have a wealth of information that will totally amaze you. It is way beyond what we can learn with TV, computers and Google.

What you can teach them is a down-to-earth way of being with nature. Teach them how to enjoy the sound of the wind, listening to the birds and how to, as my granddaughter tells me, “don’t stand on the caterpillar grandma Helen.”  I took the time to show her all about the ants and caterpillars when she was 2 years old. Now she has a connection with nature and all of its amazing animals. It’s all about sharing and caring for all of the things that are a part of life. That is an amazing gift to give someone. The question I have for you is, “What is your gift to your children going to be?”

Showing your children about what you love and what you do, this is the connection you will have with your children. Show them your life
Farmers teach their children from the time they start walking. They teach their children to use their senses. Can you hear the tractor? Listen to hear where the noise is coming from. Wait until the noise stops. Then yell loud and call DAD until your dad answers. When your dad comes for you, then you can go with dad. The same type of thing can be taught to a child living in the city.

Accidents happen on farms and in the city because the children are not trained to be safe. It’s a good thing to allow your children to get their hands dirty and experience real life.

Helen%27s%20updated%20photo  August Newsletter 2012   City To Bay Fun Run and Fathers Day

Practitioner: Helen Brougham Helen Brougham has been professionally massaging clients for over 20 years. She has a unique holistic approach to remedial, pregnancy and therapeutic massage on its own, or by using her coaching expertise to help people uncover what is blocking their path to them successfully making changes to excel in their health, their family and their passion to have a full life of Love, Peace and Joy.


Lara  August Newsletter 2012   City To Bay Fun Run and Fathers Day
Lara Brougham Lara has been professionally massaging for over 10 years. She specialises in ankle, back and shoulder injuries as well as healing clients with lower back pain. Even the oldest of our clients, who are 90 years old, down to the youngest such as 5 year old children, have aches and pain problems. Lara makes a huge amount of difference so they can sleep at night and start enjoying life again


Pregnancy & Massage

Pregnancy Relaxation  & Remedial Massage is best
12 Tips for Coping With Stress During Pregnancy
Below are listed several techniques that both women and their husbands/partners have found useful in helping to relieve the sense that life is going into overwhelm.

Gaining confidence in your life: Sit back a little and admire what you have achieved already. Often things don’t quite go the way we were told they would and we don’t understand why …

In the first two parts of this series we discussed:

Part 1 First, take a look at all the activities you do in your life Monday to Sunday — morning, afternoon and night time.

Part 2 When becoming pregnant, you will be coping as you normally do. Be sure to rest and put your feet up help with any swelling in your feet and ankles.

Part 3. Be prepared to give up some control over the life-style you have worked so hard to attain. Many things about pregnancy are not in your control. 
Part 4. Take a little time and reassess where you are each week. Be sure to allow your husband/partner to give you input about the decisions you have made so far and care for you.

Remember Mum, your husband/partner lives with you and talks to you every day. The people that love you, do hear it when you say, “I’m so tired … I don’t feel like going to work … My feet hurt” and they know when you are being grumpy or argumentative.

That wonderful person is your support team.  It’s easy to forget that they can see, feel and hear how we are. Take care not to push them away because these people are your backup people.

Some Dads are a more mature 35-45+ years. They often have more patience and are very calm and relaxed. They are very contented with life.
The books and videos will often say many things that don’t line up with family and your support network.

Is it only one generation back where a home had 3 & 4 generations living in one home under the same roof. Think of how many people spent time with the new baby. The mum was not left to be on her own – struggling, stressed, trying to figure out who is buying the groceries and who’s cooking. More often than not,  Mum’s mum did the cooking, someone else did the shopping and many issues did not come up that show up today!

The other day, a client was telling me that her grandpa lives down the road from their adult children. And, every morning, grandpa walks down to her daughter’s house to walk his granddaughter to school. Her daughter walks with her 2 sons. She said that she loves it when she sees Grandpa and his granddaughter holding hands as they walk the short distance to school. This is the magic of family.

Helen Recommends

Empowering You and Your Family

Empowering You and Your Family

Click Here to Purchase "Empowering You and Your Family" From Amazon!!

"Empowering You and Your Family" can be purchased on Amazon, CreateSpace, iBookstore/iTunes for your iPad, Kindle, Android, and other tablets and soon a teleseminar series – “Empowering Your Family Blueprint”

Now you can get a special book!! Empowering You & Your Family! is going into bookstores throughout Australia and New Zealand starting September 2012, so ask for the book in your favourite bookstore

Today's insight from inside the pages of "Empowering You & Your Family" is from
Chapter 9. Page 130. “Mums All Over The World”
At this point in time, more people than ever are starting their own businesses from home, both male and female. We are blessed to have huge advantages over past generations in growing a business from scratch.

Most of what is required can be set up for a very low cost. A computer, internet, website and a Facebook account is a good start.

There are some mentors out there that can really get you started on the right track to help you learn what you will need to know! Here are a few of the questions I ask the people I work with when we get started mapping out their business plans. I know that they will help you too!

So, grab a notebook and answer these questions the best you can!

  1. Write down all the jobs you have had since leaving school.
  2. How many years did you do that kind of work
  3. Write down all the skills you learned
  4. What is your passion and what would you love to contribute to the world if you could have your dream.
  5. Which area did you enjoy the most.
  6. Would you rather talk to people in the back office, do you like numbers, would you rather be outside or inside
  7. What time of day are you the most productive.
  8. When do you feel the most tired

The bigger the list the more you will find out about yourself :) and what you might be really good at doing if you wanted to build your own business and work from home too!

Tell A Friend

Do you have a friend that you used to be good friends with till something happened?

I was stressed and had to move away from my house. The friend get married and moved away to another city and has just come back home. You stopped connecting with them while you were away. You know now they are back and when you get together it is not the same relationship that you had. You feel like you need to clear the air, only you don’t know how to and don’t want to upset your friend.

You miss the close friendship you had

People often talk about themselves because they may be uncomfortable about what happened the last time you were together and they remember only where you left off.

The best part when you get together is to catch them up on where you are right now in your life. This will clear the air and now that person will relate to where you are up to right now. They relate to you newly and the same goes for you in finding out where they are up to. This is not about negativity and gossip.

I enjoy it when I don’t see some people for a long time, and when I see them I can take up the conversation like it was yesterday, these conversation are so enjoyable.

Thank You!!!

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Do you really know what happens when you have a massage?

Having a massage regularly keeps your stress down, you wake up happy fresh and relaxed (like I did this morning it was fabulous), enjoy free movement, settling anxiety, rebalance your overall health and vitality.  If you have been given a name for your pain and you are told there is no treatment for what you have, please book a massage and let us have a look. We are often make a huge difference for you and your body!! Often the muscles have the problem and it would be well worth having a go.

I will let you know when the Magazine will be started as there is more than I expected but I will keep you informed of the progress of our magazine.  There is a feature section on stress and a mobile app that can be helpful to help people access everything easily. It will be available on iTunes in the Newsstands section so I will keep you posted.

An audiobook is coming for those of you that love to listen to audiobooks!!

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