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Fun Run – City to Bay is on In Adelaide


Injuries are very common while strengthening the muscles to run but when the body is overloaded the muscles begin to tell us they are starting to feel pain and fatigue. Many say just "push through the pain" but there are times you need to take care of any injuries. As you get stronger, the pain stops but then muscle cramps start, which is another sign of needing treatment.  By having Remedial Massage done by an expert, the professionals here at Chelsea Massage.


I have been doing treatments on shin splints, back strain, hamstrings, calves, sore feet and many other aches and pains. Fatigue is a big problem, and so is carrying an injury and hoping it will get better (they don't)!  The longer you leave the problem or injury, the worse it gets.  Over time other areas and muscles stay locked up and now it take months to recover.

Out the front window at Chelsea Massage Clinic and walking down the street, people are hobbling and limping around injured. Come in now!  Let's get your injury sorted out and start feeling well again!! You might even get to walk the City to Bay!

Father Day Is Here

To all the Dads, Grandpas, Pops we wish you a very Happy Father Day!  Where would we be without the love of our Dad's and Grandpa's guidance. The little things like having the car ready for our driving to work, reading all those stories each night.


Sunday looks like it is going to be a lovely day to have lunch or maybe a cup of coffee together with all the family.  We are going to a football match that is starting at 2.30pm at Norwood. The two girls love going to football games.

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Pregnancy Massage

Well in Our Family, My son Michael and his wife had a new little boy a month ago named Koa [Kow] and he has his Great Grandma Brougham's chin and a beautiful face and the brightness alert eye that follows you, weighing 8lb.

Lara's sister, Savannah, has 2 weeks to go for her number one baby.  She has that beautiful shining glow that all pregnant mums get and she feels and looks so lovely.

Friday was her last day at work.  She is on leave now, mostly resting, a little walking, and going to see Grandma down at College Grove Rehab Center.  It's a very caring place — thank you to all the nurses and staff!  It's now time to do the last few jobs as the pregnancy countdown is on; time for her to pack her bag for the hospital, and her husband is getting the baby capsule seat fitted. I get to give Savannah 2 more massages, one per week.

If you see her you will have to ask Savannah "What was it like to have regular Massages while Pregnant?"  Many women and Mums are hearing about us by word of mouth from other Mums just how good our massages are.  They are passing on the good ideas and tips that work, helping each other's wellbeing.  Any massage is better than none, but pregnancy is definitely the time to get the professional's work done.

For me, the Practitioner and Grandma view, Savannah felt yucky at the start, then she was very well all the rest of the way through.  Her hip hurt when she walked too far or for too long.  She measured what worked for her, and found that massage relaxed her muscles, released tension, She feels like she can stand up straight again and feel happy  inside.

It was lovely to Massage my daughter Savannah while pregnant.  Because I have massaged lots of mums now.

I wanted Savannah's pregnancy to be free of old common problems issues painful legs, anxiety, any overwhelming fatigue and keeping her thoughts in a happy place and for her to feel calm, have easy movement, feel wonderful and enjoying the experience.

I will let you all know when jellybean is here and gets her new name!

 Empowering Living TV


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Empowering Lifestyle Podcast

You will be the first to see the Podcast picture going into iTunes soon, besides the private Facebook group.
We would love to hear your thoughts and find out what you would like to talk about?  You can go over to Massage and tell us!
Nearly all of you have spent time with Lara and I and it is always lovely to hear from you.
The new Empowering Lifestyle Podcast is about going from chaos, and stepping into clarity.  When you step into clarify you can see others more clear and understand what is going on for your self. 
Story: For instance, instead of thinking that how people look at you means this… unless you ask "what do you mean?" you are reading their mind.  Most often, 99.9%, that is wrong.  The other person could have recently lost a family member or they may have hit their finger and it is still hurting. I did it this morning.  I made a time to call my mentor, but I remembered 1 hour after the time arranged.
My Mum is in College Grove with a hip replacement and is still in a lot of pain. I was thinking of her and busy doing paperwork. My mentor could think many things, or just keep going with what she was doing and not let my forgetfulness affect her.
I was so disappointed with myself by not being on that call. Do you know what happened. She did not go into anger, upset or made an issue, she was so generous in herself and made another time early next week. 
Thank you Pam :-)))
Next time you feel like going into upset about what you think someone did to hurt you, think of what Pam did for me.
This is what we do in our clinic is be generous, caring, real and we want to help you to be the best you want to be. Even this has people uncomfortable that there is clinic that belief in doing the right thing, helping each other and you getting into a great place. It is working together to get amazing results that leave you happy, confident and ready to live your best life.

Empowering Living  Magazine

3 magazine picture togwther

You are our Special People because you know who we are and what we do!

You know how passionate we are about helping you and your family and friends.

We are not perfectly script in what we say; we are being ourselves with you. I truly believe a down-to-earth way is being ourselves, and you being who you want to be — and we can be an example if you want to know what is happening to the muscles from remedial massage point of view.  We have referrals from Doctor and many other groups where our treatment enhances what each of you do for the betterment of yourself.

So please enjoy the GIFT of the Magazine digital for the iPad from us.

The magazine is called Empowering Living Magazine

Magazine FREE subscription for 3 months

use the code: family2013

You may share this code with others that would appreciate some light reading when the kids are at school or after the kids have gone to bed.

Enjoy Life and Family by having regular massages to keep chaos, anxiety and pain to zero.

See you soon,


Helen and Lara


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