January Newsletter – Families Helping Families

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January Newsletter

Families Helping Families
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Be with Your Children


Injured leg at Chelsea Massage

It is great to be with your children.

Some would say at the moment, children saying what ever they like and getting away with what they are saying often nasty and very disrespectful  then turning around on you that your behavior is in question, hold up from feeling like you the parent now is the issue.

  1. Sometimes it is because that's how parents talk to their children and they are doing what you do to them.
  2. Other times, these children need a little bit of time out and put on a chair and made to sit there, taking the ipad away and many others that work.
  3. Avoid any kind of biscuit, lollies, artificial cool drinks, get them out of the house (full of chemicals)
  4. Start to talk in adult voice (Prefer not with growl voice and eyebrows down)
  5. Keep going no matter what, this stage will past, don't take offend, parents are good for your children to testing these techniques out on, it will be worth it down the track and just keep going.
  6. Don't let your children be able to get away with bad behavior.  Adult behavior last a lot longer
  7. You need to have your tools for handling these issues.
  8. Get rid of your issues as a child with coaching and understand as to why you do the things you do, like yelling, avoid children, mum has to deal with issues because you don't know how.
  9. Parents often did not get taught by there parents. Blame does not work. So it is more about what will you do to be the first in your family to create better way to help and be with your children.
  10. Parents play and teach their children how to swear, make inappropriate noises and call it fun. Then at school and out in public your children getting into trouble for bad behavior.
  11. Do your children just go and get what they want when you all ready said NO. This is pushing the boundaries nothing will happen and they do as they like.

Next time your children want something, first say to yourself, "would I have got this when I was their age" if the answer is no, then say No. Put that amount $ away for yourself, as part of something you have been wanting and start having those things you desire. May be even talk with your child, how can you get those things you want earn it through behavior expectation to each person, do coarse as part of living in a family and having the house run efficiency and or get a job, this all building a balanced person.

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As you know because you get the Newsletter we are very different to other places, there is no comparisons what others do out there. Firstly we don't have products to sell you we are experts with the muscles, we are a family business and original from the country area and have a wide knowledge of the muscles and what happens to them. We are the muscle people.

Families helping Families

Families are who we love to help because families help families
so if someone is in pain we are here for you. We have a family attitude to  we like to stay on time, not leaving you waiting, as you like to be on time for your appointment, Lara buys the latest magazines for you to sit and relax.
Many are finding exhaustion, stress and the body breaking down are not able to carriage on at work, the body is letting you down, it just cannot go anymore, some issues like, their back is twisting, lower back issue they never had before, crying a lot, can't sleep, walking around being very careful because that cramp in your hamstring could cramp anytime. These are survival problems keeping yourself going.

WE have got your answers the different in one to two session can be- this does not mean it is a quick fix or the magic way. Common sense and a down to earth approach to helping you, so be prepared to help us help you, as many of you have been overloading their life and body for the sake of exercise. With some exercise this can make some issues worst and damage the back, neck, shoulder and hamstrings muscles.

When injuries or fatigue there is no going back to doing no treatment on yourself as you continue to overload those area already injured. Maintaining your body like a car mechanics, about once a month. Now the best thing to do, is test and measure. See what your muscles feel like pain free at 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks, 5 weeks or 6 weeks you will know.

Many have seek the cheap 5,10, 15 or 30 minute treatments and wonder why they are going backwards.

Coaching for Clarity

Are you wanting to have coaching with me
and you would like a strategies session 15 minutes Free let me know and we can talk to you on Skype. This is a get to know each other and what is your desire for  future sessions and there is a opportunity to Empowering Living Coaching packet of 4 weeks, One on One sessions and 90 days program focus on the areas you want help with.
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