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Intro: Message from Helen – Winter is Here!

Quick Tip: Tip# 33: Do You Have Heel Pain? 
                  Tip #7: Should You Use Ice for Bruises?

Feature Article: Article #1:  Parents, Children and Grandparents
                            Article #2:  How to Stop Anxiety – “The Next Level”

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Message From Helen


I think our sunny days may be less as we go into winter.  Have you got your rugs, warm rooms, and have your scarves and coats on when venturing outdoors?  Lara and the family always go up to the Adelaide hill on a late Saturday afternoon to smell the wood fires burning; it smells up the gullies and you can see the amazing colours of autumn going into winter.  It’s now time to sit quietly reading books, gather your thoughts, learn new things, reflect back over the year and see where adjustments can be made to stay on your path, meditate and listen to gentle, flowing music, move forward, collect yourself and let go of what is not needed, while waiting to step forward into spring with a burst of you!

Quick Tips


Tip #33:  Heel Pain? 
I had an 86 year old lady the other day who told me later that a golf ball had hit her on her ankle bone.  She just kept playing, thinking it would be fine.  The bone, tendons and muscles were traumatised, which had her limping, and her cuff muscles were very tight.  Often the pain even gets worse.

This is the body’s way of telling you I need HELP.  Always use ice over the area and about  a hands-width out surrounding the area that was hit.  When her ankle got hit it broke the blood vessels and bled into the surrounding tissue.  If you are on blood thinning tablets, this will bleed even more, causing swelling in and down around that area.  The area can stay achy and stiff, sometimes 2-3 weeks after the injury.


Tip #7: ICE the Bruises
Anytime you are playing sports, are in the garden, out on the golf course or on the netball or football ground, if you get hit, punched or a ball hits you — anything that causes a bruise — always remember R.I.C.E.R., which stands for

You may be saying, “What does that do?” 

This is a way to remember what needs to be done first in helping a person with bruises.

Rest by stop doing the activity you are doing.

Ice makes the area very cold and stops the blood vessels from bleeding into and around other areas of the muscles.  What the ice does is it makes that area very cold and closes up the hole where the bleeding is coming from.

Compression is wrapping a bandage around the area after it is cold to stop swelling into the tissue around the area.

Elevation is putting the area up; such as propping your leg up on a chair or your arm up over the chest area.

Referral means going to the Doctor in Emergency with a concussion, deep cut, broken bones or sprains.

What you should do after 2 days:

Rest to take time to allow the bruise to heal completely.  Keep ice in the freezer in plastic bags so you can quickly lay the bag over the bruised area, leaving it on for 20 minutes, then taking it off for 10 minutes.  Do this again in 2 hours.

Do not massage the area because this breaks open the blood vessels again and they will bleed more, causing more pain and swelling. 

After 1 – 2 weeks, come to us for further treatment.

Always see a Doctor if you’re unsure.

Let us know how we can help you by filling out this survey:


Feature Article #1

Parents, Children and Grandparents

Something that is very present at the moment — now I am going to be very straight with you, as always, but with compassion — BUT today I want you to hear some bells going OFF. 

Many feel sick if they decide to stop talking to a family member because they are difficult to be with.  Others don’t know what to do, they just keep hoping everything will be okay and they get more confused and upset, taking everything to heart.

Parents are giving up on their children, children are giving up on their parents, and grandparents are giving up on their children and grandchildren.  Dads are giving up on their wife / partner and his children, Mums are giving up on their husband / partner and children.

Stop!  No matter what is going on, don’t give up on them.  Everyone goes through hard patches and if you stop talking and being with your family, nobody wins and everybody loses. 

Yes, what they are doing is hard to take, but the more you avoid being with that person, the more they may follow you, ring you, and come to see you.  Why?  Because they don’t want to lose you.

Yes, their behaviour is not the way you want.  Do you like anybody telling you how to act or what to say?  I know, it is awful.

Let me explain something very important.

We are all unique, every one of us.  Stuff happens to all of us, awful things, little things.  Maybe someone has died in your family that you were close to and miss so much, you’ve had a major trauma, and the world’s chaos is impacting the weather, whether you like it or not.

Each person has confusion, upset, fears and trauma going on every day.

Each person is wanting to be loved, hugged, understood, needed and thought well of. 

Each person is searching for freedom, happiness, calm, peace, love, respect, security and abundance.

What can you do?

Find compassion for yourself and give compassion to your family.  Look at what is there for each person in your family.  Yes, you can run away and find another life, BUT you will create the same pain and chaos.

Feature Article #2

How to Stop Anxiety – “The Next Level”

Many take tablets to stop the pain.  Anxiety often stays for a long time and is given a lot of power because that voice in your head is chatting away.  The voice, the one you listen to, you will find it always wants you to stop, leave and run away.

A recovery phase of massage treatment is the return of your energy fuel tank to nearly full and this is when you will start to feel good again.  With each regular massage comes easy movement and you’re able to enjoy each day again.

A young mum came in and she was fatigued and could not figure out why her daughter would not sleep during the day at all, and only 3-4 hours a night, then stay awake for the rest of the night.

She was an older mum of 40 years old, and was going to enjoy this time because she had been working for many years and had managed many people, she organised many things at once at work and she was a perfectionist.

What is perfect for some, others can’t stop because they are driven (they also watch one or both of their parents with perfectionist ways too.  This is called a ‘learned behaviour, but this story is for another day).  When she became a mum she did all the mum things.

She then switched on her management career perfectionist ways to cope with a small baby.  She was doing, doing, doing and the child was picking up on her mum, being busy doing, doing, doing.  Staying awake was part of her daughter’s alertness.  Mum has a regular massage and found the more she stayed in her relaxation mode, her husband became more relaxed and her daughter slept more.  She started massaging her daughter’s feet, the way I showed her.

It is not putting up with problems but finding the solutions that works.  Our children are watching and learning everything we are doing, like our good and our not-so-good behaviours. 

Adults watch adults to grow and to become more successful in business, relationships and life as well as what others think and how they act.  Be in alignment with your own down-to-earth principles of love, peace, respect, abundance, joy and being true to you and your family first.  Be aware of others’ chaos. 

About The Author: Helen Brougham

Helen Brougham has been professionally massaging clients for over 18 years.  She has a holistic approach to therapeutic massage, using her coaching expertise to teach people how to successfully make changes in their health and personal lives. Her passion is massaging and teaching Mums how to de-stress their children using the same massage techniques she uses in her Chelsea Massage clinic.



Practitioner: Lara Brougham
Lara has been professionally massaging for 10 years. She specialises in ankle and shoulder injuries as well as healing clients with back pain. Even the oldest and most put up with problems, Lara makes a huge amount of difference for clients so they can sleep at night and start enjoying life again.




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Pregnancy Massage

Many mums have something called “Left Field Trauma”.  This is where the birth of their baby has not been what they had hoped for.  Many mums cry when they are talking about what happened.  This can cause long-term anxiety, stress and trauma.  Many will tell you that “you’ll get over it”.  I wish it was that easy!

If you have a friend or a family member that is suffering from the above, please encourage her by giving her a gift voucher to come and have some massages and coaching sessions with us to clear away the stress, anxiety and fatigue.

Often, Mum and Dad are struggling.  You then will find that the baby and other children will be feeling this anxiety and it will prevent the family from fully settling.  Stress is stored in your muscles and that is why the body aches, everything hurts and you get colds, flus and viruses one after another.

How can I help you right now?  Stop blaming yourself.  Stop going over what you did wrong and read all the books you’ll find on the internet.  Listen to your partner’s caring words. 

You will not find this information in a book, it comes from my experiences.  Lara and I would like to find out just how we can help you by taking this survey

Helen Recommends

Looking After Your Body with Massage

Your mission is to contact us to schedule your remedial massage appointment at Chelsea Massage. Get rid of all the tightness and muscle pains in your neck, hip, shoulder, back, ankles, and many other places.  Those niggles at the gym won’t get better by doing more stretching and weight lifting.  You may not have you noticed that you need some massages to loosen up the fibres in your muscles so the muscles will stretch instead of tear.  Injuries stop you from doing many things.  It’s time for you to get your remedial massages and then you can keep doing what you love.

Take advantage of our great offer and keep your body and mind happy.  One a month for 12 months — your health investment of $1320 to be happy, relaxed and pain-free from now on.

When you are relaxed, happy and comfortable you make better choices each day, you become productive and get what you want done quickly and more easily because you have energy, not PAIN.

Being open, loving and feeling good makes others around you feel happy too.

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Massage Vouchers

When you give a massage gift voucher, it’s a really nice thing to do!  When the person comes in they are excited, a little nervous, but they know they are in good hand because you come here too, so it’s like you said, “This is the place and you will feel great just like I did!”

We have 4 wonderful Gift Vouchers to choose from:

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Pregnancy Massage

Remember that we also specialise in Pregnancy Massage.  Whenever your muscles ache from the extra weight of bump, fatigue and feeling overwhelmed, it can leave you not enjoying the experience of being pregnant nearly as much.  We will share a little secret with you — remedial massage not only releases the aches but also smooths your aching feet, while relaxing and energising you, making you feel lighter and more comfortable. It’s all about having a good pregnancy!

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